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Create new revenue streams for your business by referring qualified small business leads.

Our unsecured business loan is the perfect way to get a quick cash injection.

Improve cash flow

We’re Australia’s first alternative lender, committed to responsible lending.

Upgrade your business

Help customers access up to $500,000 with funds in their account within 24 hours.

Scale for growth

Submit and track leads in real-time, upload docs and live chat with your BDM.

Tech & automation

Devoted BDM, access exclusive offers and other marketing

Tax, BAS or GST

Earn generous commissions on referrals and funded

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So, which finance solution is right for your SME client

Small Business Loans

Don’t take daily payments but still have a monthly turnover over $10k? Our unsecured small business loans are flexible and don’t require assets for security.

Capify Secured Finance

Take the advantage of borrowing larger amounts against your assets.
Our secured loans provide low
interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

Merchant Cash Advance

Got an EFTPOS machine or take daily online payments? A Merchant Cash Advance can give you the quick cash flow you need with flexible payment options based on percentage of future sales.

Capify understands our needs

“The Team at Capify have the uncanny ability to understand our needs and in return create an overall process that enables us to scale. Teaming up with Capify is the best decision we have made, and we look forward to a long-term successful business relationship.”
Peter Wyszenko | apickle

We're open to explore partnerships with a large range of B2B service providers

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We’ll review the application and discuss the best possible solution for your client

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We’ll send you the final offer to share with your client for approval

Step 5

Once your client has been funded, you’ll receive your commission to your nominated account

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